#TBT: Remember That Time Bonzo Played Bartender?

A picture like this warrants (demands) some commentary.


First and foremost: the ’70s!

Second: Bonzo.

Third: Question: Remember that time Bonzo jumped behind the bar and made drinks? (Answer: no, none of us do).

Four: Look at everything about John Bonham: the shirt (!), the focus and concentration, making that cocktail; as if he’s in the middle of a 25 minute drum solo.


Five: This pic was taken. On an airplane. Led Zeppelin’s airplane. Presumably after a gig. Can you IMAGINE being fortunate enough to get in on this action, either as groupie or hanger-on?

Six: About this random snapshot: 1. Can someone find me a single picture from the ’60s or ’70s where at least one person does not have a cigarette in his/her hands or mouth? (No, you can’t.) 2. That clown at the end is obviously a money man or lawyer. How many lawyers these days are hanging out with the bands they manage, drinking with them (at 30,000 feet), having one of the band member’s make them a drink? (None.) 3. Is that a man or woman directly across from Bonham? (Neither; it’s obviously Geddy Lee.)

Seven: That bandana? Bonzo is not wearing that to keep his wig on or hide his receding hairline (like this bozo poser); he’s wearing it because dude worked up a sweat, no matter what he was doing.

Eight: That shirt Bonzo is wearing? I KNOW.

Nine: How bittersweet that there weren’t cell phones back then. On one hand, can you fathom the amount of unbelievable footage there’d be, of situations just like this? On the other hand…

Ten: the press release from the shell-shocked band, after Bonham died, remains instructive and unparalleled in its brevity and balls: “We wish it to be known that the loss of our dear friend, and the deep sense of undivided harmony felt by ourselves and our manager, have led us to decide that we could not continue as we were”. Led Zeppelin did what pretty much no other band has been willing or able to do when one of the original members passed: they broke up, and stayed broken up. That’s why they are the best.

A lot more on LZ here, here, here, and especially here.

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