Introducing THIS KIND OF MAN, my new collection of short fiction

Sean Murphy
3 min readApr 20, 2024


“She didn’t understand how men could do those things. What things? he asked, and she said, The things men do. Then he nodded. Oh, he said, those things.” — Tim O’Brien, The Things They Carried

Following my most recent poetry collection, Kinds of Blue, I am excited to announce that my new collection of stories, This Kind of Man, will release on May 7th!

Unraveling the Tangled Web of Modern Masculinity

In an era that relentlessly tests the bounds of individuality and societal expectations,This Kind of Man emerges as a beacon of unvarnished truth and introspection. This new collection of stories dives deep into the essence of masculinity in 21st-century America.

From the throes of fatherhood and marriage to the silent battles against aggression and alcoholism, This Kind of Man explores the spectrum of human emotion and struggle. This book doesn’t shy away from the complexities of gender expectations, generational conflicts, and the existential dread looming over the modern man.

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How do men confront the pressures of late-stage capitalism? What does it mean to deal with expectations that often seem larger than life itself? Find out in This Kind of Man. Each story not only questions but also celebrates the fragile, yet powerful nature of masculinity across generations. Join us in anticipating the release of this groundbreaking collection. Reserve your copy today.


This Kind of Man, a suite of dramatic monologues and meditations, seems to pick up where Raymond Carver left off: anatomizing all the ways that American masculinity finds itself adrift, with a special thought for the women in the same lifeboat. Murphy sees how we live so plainly and clearly that, in the best possible way, it hurts.

— Lou Bayard, Author of The Pale Blue Eye

For those of us who powered through complicated relationships with fathers. For those of us who still struggle with what being a man means and what it doesn’t mean. Sean Murphy offers a beautiful, honest, and heart-rending portrait of what it means and could mean. But most importantly, he casts the brightest light on what it means to be human.

— Brian Broome, Author of Punch Me Up to the Gods

With its refreshing vulnerability, frankness, and insights, This Kind of Man fills a void in our literary landscape by artfully capturing both the tender and tormented sides of masculinity. Sean Murphy’s courageous stories do what groundbreaking literature should do — simultaneously comfort and disturb its readers. This is an important, indispensable read for our times.

— Whitney Collins, Author of Big Bad and Ricky & Other Love Stories

From yearnings never expressed by “strong and silent” types to competitive father/son relationships, veteran misogynists and burgeoning incels, Murphy’s new collection looks straight at the worst traits of the white American male with a view to the future where these men can do better, be better, think beyond themselves. A timely, gripping read by a courageous writer.

— Courtney Maum, Author of The Year of the Horses

Much more info, including sample stories and readings, HERE!



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